Thursday, 2 January 2014

Right. So I've been working on several new systems to implement. The most notable is a lot like easydrive from Need for Speed or Burnout. It can do anything from setting a waypoint between different locations and displaying an arrow towards it on the screen, or even for fast traveling between locations. It also displays the relevant info on the map, however it does make a map less relevant and maybe not necessary at all (I will always keep the big map, but I may remove the mini map)

I've also been testing how robust my Hover car script is and have found that it can do anything from cars to hover bikes and even space ships and jets. It means that its a useful script that I could Plug into any future project.

I've also been planning some theory behind coding so that whenever I code up a new script that will always be useful to future projects (Like a script to handle LoDs or Waypoint handlers) that I can code it in such a way that its non specific and easily implemented into any project.

I'm also working a lot in mudbox. Its an extremely robust tool and the more I use it the less I use anything else. Its workflow is easier that most other programs and I find myself creating Highres assets there and using the export function to flatly export it straight to the game, thus saving time.

I'm also transitioning to Gimp from Photoshop, purely because of the license cost but I'm pleased by the results. They are fairly similar and Gimp has an amazing built in normal mapping tool that is a life saver, especially when in need of normal that just are not there by default.

Ill post some random pictures from all of the things I've mentioned above. (SpaceShip from car script / EasyDrive setting waypoints / Gimp's Normal Mapping)

(Please note that this is just a side project that I'm using to learn and to improve my skills. I did not create the Ratchet Assets, they were ripped from the PS2 games. So all credit for those models goes to Insomniac and the Guys that ripped them off the disks.)

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