Monday, 13 April 2015

Polish Progress

We've been working really hard to polish the central town area. It's coming along really well. The assets are done, so now we're just polishing them. Adding things like grass and other decorations. We're also polishing existing props and assets, such as the textures.

Everything is drawn / modeled / placed by hand and it's all still a work in progress, but the town is shaping up extremely well and we're proud to show it off today.

After the town is polished we will be polishing the first 1/3 of one of the 6 dungeons in the game for a nice demo that will be available for everyone to play.

The demo, as you may have guessed for the numbers I've just quoted, wont be massive, but it will give you an idea of how big the game will be when its done.

Hope you enjoy the screenshots and I hope to share more soon.

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