Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Ballad of Crater Alpha 1.04

The latest build is done!

The Ballad of Crater: the small town at the end of the world is the story of a small town and the adventures of you, the player, as you explore the post apocalyptic land.

This is a Pre-Alpha public build of a vertical slice. It's meant for testing and feedback before release as an Alpha demo.

This demo was made by 2 university students over what has been 7 months of development time with no funding.


- NEW HATS! Simply equip them using directional keys in the main menu!
- Multiplayer now has a red hud flash when the player takes damage
- New Bat and gun sounds in multiplayer
- Multiplayer has now had a reverb mix

- Fixed multiple glitches in the shop relating to spending too much gems or not being able to buy upgrades

- Hub world has now had a reverb mix
- New Bat and gun sounds
- Pause menu now works with keyboard controls
- Many small tweaks and changes to gameplay, controls, hud and ai according to player feedback

- Lava sounds have now had a reverb mix
- Zombies now have a reaction sound and particle when they take damage
- The player has a red flash on the gui when taking damage

- The dungeon has also had a reverb mix
- Tweaked some hud elements to eliminate a glitch where some speech bubbles had button prompts when they were not meant to
- Increased the speed of the day / night cycle
- Fixed another save game glitch
- Tweaked the amount of HP the side quest mini-boss has

- Tweaked the sound of the dragon raw
- Tweaked bridge sounds
- Tweaked side mission mini-boss sounds

- Some extra prop placements in emptier / under-polished areas


- Intro story cinematic!
- Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, the cinematic did not make it into this build, but its coming soon!

Download Link: The Ballad of Crater Alpha 1.04 DOWNLOAD

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