Monday, 20 May 2013

The idea of the player not being able to see the enviromewnt is somewhat like unfinished swan where the player throws balls of paint to see where to go:

i thaught i would add more tension to this and make the enemies hunt the player whilst this all happens.

ive also started placeing props like lights, boxes, fire and sparks to add some life to the level. ive animated flickering for the lights and sparks to make it seem alittle more spooky and ive set the ambient light way down to make it dark.

ive redesigned the level again making it smaller and more tence as there was realy no need for it to be as big as it was, it would have been boaring.

in redoing the level i managed to halve the polycount again. Something im verry proud of. the disadvantage to redoing the level again, athough far better in every way, it now needs to be retextured again, wich should be as quick as draging them on.

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