Monday, 28 April 2014

Ok. So first off. Im really sorry for the hiatus. I've just started a new semester at uni and things are stupidly hectic.

That being said. Its not like im sitting here doing nothing.

I've done a lot of work on inStasis that I'm super proud of, such as optimizations for performance and graphics, as well as work on the other islands and the visual density of props on the first island. Its a lot of work and a lot of it has to be re-done from the ground up using the skills I learned making it. Its progressed well, but its become apparent that its a little too big for me to actually make as good as I want it to be at this point in time. So I will wait till I have funds, a team and more skills until I further that along.

In the mean time I've needed to adopt a far more accomplish-able goal that can be produced by a small team of people on similar levels of skill as my own and actually sold to a market. EXITING TIMES.

Its good for me to work with a team. It is so much more productive and we seem to get along very well in terms of the democracy that is Game dev.

At current the team is small, but still growing. Its hard to focus more time on projects as Uni / jobs take priority.

Here are some links to the new project. Its moving along great. Please note that this is extremely early stuff. Its the accumulation of only a few hours of hard work between classes and studies. Its mostly conceptual and is all likely to change. Its more just to get an idea of where we want to go with it. Most the assets are just placeholders and props that are free default assets or quick 5min mock-ups, concepts and ideas.


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