Wednesday, 10 December 2014


I've re-written the space-ship camera code to add and revise some features:

  • If you hit circle, the camera will still go behind the ship, but now it will follow the ship completely instead of allowing the ship to have some free rotation. Its better like this as the player can see what is up above and down below them.
  • If you hit square the ship will rotate faster and your speed will come to a halt. The camera will revert to the follow position while this happens. This new mode of movement will add a level of ease to controlling the ship in combat.
  • The camera will subtly follow the player when no movement is made to the camera stick after a period of time, akin to GTAs car camera.
  • The camera should also never forget its position when changing camera modes now as it has before.
  • Now that the glitch where the player automatically loses health has been sorted out, I've re-tweaked the damage ratios for all enemies. The player will now die fastest from collisions, followed by large shots and then by small shots.
  • I've added a new routine to the enemy space AI so that they will speed up when the player goes slowly allowing the player to let them overtake.
These additions / changes are purely to enhance controls of the ship and camera, hence providing more fun gameplay to the player.

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