Friday, 27 September 2013

Finishing up the last things before next weeks expo.

the hover car is coming along extremely well. It now rotates on every axsis, hovers off the ground and even has a button to enable gravety so U can come back down to the ground to re-stabalise if you've skrewed up. big thanx to Anthony, andy and Hamish for the ideas on how to get this going. as of this moment im happy with it. Now just to get in/out of it...

Also, im done riging and skinning my character, so ill animate her and get in some gunplay against robots as cops and plumbers as civilians.

Each cop kill will give some cash to buy an upgrade. That's it for the demo.

I still need to decorate the shop and make a save game script so it remembers your cash, upgrades and spawn point when you enter and exit the shop... as that's a load level...

1 week to go here and theres still stuff to do. Hopefully ill get it all done. I know I've probably been over ambitious with this... but I needed to push myself to learn so much that I didn't know before this... its why I picked this game idea, its pushed me to work hard and learn so much. I have no doubt im better off for it.

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