Saturday, 14 September 2013

Fixed one of the many camera bugs. The camera no longer shakes when looking up. Its also closer to the character as there have been complaints that while playing you would feel more disconnected with the camera further away. Also locked the rotation of the mini map, regardless of the cool effect of the 3d mini map and looking up and down, it would glitch the mini map most the time.

Added ALOT of graphics options into the menu. I'm building to make sure it runs on any thing from my laptop as the lowest build at 30fps lowest settings (which is not even as good as my phone) and all the way up to my pc at max settings 50fps (which is worse than a class pc). I have a feeling that when all the objects and textures and AI is in the game I will be getting around 30fps max settings on my pc... So If you have anything over a 550ti, 4gb of ram and a quad core, you should be rolling around with the max settings. I think its a good target and that its very scalable.

Over the next 3 weeks I will finish the map with buildings added in (no other props) cars to drive, bikes to ride, civilian and cop AI to fool around with and the main character with weapons and animations... That's all I will make for the first public build that will go on show at the expo in 3 weeks. It seems like an achievable goal at this point. Maybe I can squeeze more in with in that time, but I have to take into account bug fixing etc.

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