Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Game Dev Woes

So It would seem as if Sony take an entire 2 weeks to deploy patches on PSM... So I can send them a patch every 5min, but they will only roll out that first patch an entire 2 weeks later, so patching is just really not viable. Therefor I think the next patch should be bigger than just tweaks and bug-fixes... Maybe an extra level and a price drop? Seeing as this patch would only come out in about 4 weeks thanks to Sony's painstakingly slow updating of their store.

On top of that, I'm struggling to find time to do honest dev now that classes are in full swing and I'm working to pay off uni... So that's always a fun challenge. Oh and I lost my new phone on a buss yesterday.

With all the bad stuff going round, I'm just hoping its my turn to get some good stuff... Till then Ill be working harder than I ever have before, pushing myself to be the Dev that I want to be, cos if you work hard and push yourself, you will get better and be rewarded.

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