Tuesday, 19 August 2014

On Call - Patch 1.01

After 2 weeks of waiting, the 1.01 patch is live today!

Just a reminder, it fixes a bucket load of issues:

  • Made new, more professional buttons
  • Simplified the HUD
  • Added better control images in the menu
  • Changed visual feedback for ammo
  • Added glow around the illuminated parts of the gun according to requests from player feedback
  • Fixed AI bugs on Bridge and Crew levels
  • Fixed AI bugs on Arcade level
  • Added several more routines to Arcade level AI
  • Vastly improved path-finding on Arcade level AI
  • Tweaked stats and values for Arcade level
  • Added player requested features for Arcade level
  • Added gun sway, idle and walk animations
  • Tweaked timing of end credits
  • Tweaked location and health of rebel ship to prevent audio glitch
  • Fixed typo
  • Re-baked shadows at higher resolution
  • Fixed GUI objective information glitch
  • Fixed several other small glitches
  • Improved game play according to player feedback
  • Added clearer, less blurry banner Image
  • Added new screens that reflect the changes made in the patch

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