Friday, 1 August 2014

On Call Update

Had to take new screenshots for the 1.01 patch, so that the screens on the store match what you will be playing... Also updated the sale banner to be far less blurry.

Keep in mind that the Vita's resolution is 960x544, so these screens look incredibly clear on the actual Vita screen as the game runs at native resolution with 4xMSAA


  1. Hi there, the answer to that question is entirely in Sonys hands, they have had the game for the last few weeks and we are hoping that it will be up somete this week. As soon as the game is up on the store, we will then be able to patch it to 1.01... But thats entirely in Sonys time, they have alot of work to do tesring and checking so we understand and we are patiently awaiting release.

    Thank you for your comments and support, I do read these things and its great seing people take interest.

    Have a great day, sorry again for the late reply, Ill make more time for this stuff in future.