Thursday, 31 July 2014

On Call Patch Notes

On Call should be out soon, and what that means is that from here on out we will need to add / change / fix things that players find that are wrong / broken / not as super cool as it could be, and then patch those things remotely.

The first patch is now complete and ready to be uploaded as soon as the game is released. We cant change / upload the patch yet, as the game has been unchangeable for over a week as its prepared and tested.

  • Made new, more professional buttons
  • Simplified the HUD as it was cluttered with useless information (why have a health bar if we are showing a red vignette as the player gets low health?)
  • Added a better control image in the menu
  • Tweaked AMMO visual feedback for both the gun and the ship (Gun/Ship now lights up blue, yellow and red to show different levels of AMMO)
  • Fixed some AI bugs in Bridge, Crew and Arcade levels
  • Added gun sway, idle and walk animation
  • Tweaked timing of end credits
  • Tweaked the distance and health of the Rebel ship to allow audio to finish playing before its destroyed and new audio plays
  • Re-baked shadows at a higher resolution
  • Fixed GUI glitch with objectives
We are now testing these new changes and still seeing if we can find new things to fix / add / change. I've been looking into a bloom shader to make the neon styled lights on the gun and various other objects stand out and seem more light like, but so far I've not found a way to do it that offers the effect I am looking for, while maintaining 60fps.

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