Thursday, 10 July 2014

ON CALL Progress report

We are officially out of Alpha!!!

What this means is that from here on we are adding as little as possible, but polishing everything that we currently have.

We could release right now, but we need to do some paperwork with Sony first which gives us some time to do some polish and play testing on the PlayStation Vita.

Another aspect is that it gives us time to reach out to people to test and provide us with feedback so we can tweak the game to be better than it currently is.

Its a bit of a buzz kill to slow down and polish after these last 2 weeks of crush, but at the same time, I know that we will benefit A LOT from polishing the game, finding unknown bugs and pushing it even further performance and graphics wise, I mean, we could always use that 1 extra frame on the Vita!

Man we've been really busy these last 2 weeks... We've been working full time 8am-7pm on this protect, and its only me and my brother on this team... I hope all this effort pays off in the long run ;) SO EXCITING!!!

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