Tuesday, 22 July 2014

On Call Final Fixes

Had to do some last fixes to things that needed to be changed because either I was not happy with them, or testers were not happy with them, or they did not comply with PSM's rules


  • Controls now no longer include any PlayStation specific controls, like references to the Vita or Triangle, X etc as it is not aloud on the PlayStation Mobile sdk
  • Gui Bar to a better looking bar, as I was not happy with the old, sloppy looking bar
  • Made the player a fraction faster
  • Recorded game play on PlayStation Vita
  • Vastly improved Space ship AI according to both my own wants and play testers feedback:
    1. Ship AI is far more intelligent when it comes to speed control
    2. The red ship is no longer irritatingly good at shooting the player
    3. Its harder to die
    4. Its easier to score points
    5. Added more AI controlled ships
    6. Made AI more intelligent at looking at things and moving to wards locations
    7. Its more fun to play
    8. Added variety to where AI fly to and from to make it seem more random
  • Record story/game trailer with no hud

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