Saturday, 26 July 2014


On Call is done for now and we are just waiting for it to go on Sale.

But that doesn't mean we can stop working.

For our next game, I've been thinking it may be nice to do a platformer. It will be heavily inspired by my favorite platformers, such as Mario 64, Spyro, Ratchet and Clank etc. It will give me a chance to work on my art skills, from animation to modeling... Its something I feel I need to work on. I made On Call to learn the last things I needed to know with progression and saves, so my goal for this project will be improving on my art.

As for gameplay. I want it to be a platformer, so any combat will take a back seat and therefor it will focus on exploring and platforming. Everyone who play-tested On Call seems to have liked the space segments, so I thought it would be nice to keep it as a level select hub world (Not dissimilar to Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time)

I spent a few hours today doing some concept designs. The first level is going to be a bar on the roof of a sky scraper in a metropolis styled city. So I improved my workflow from what I learned with On Call, and started working. I've not got a lot to show just yet, but its shaping up really well. I'm moving away from the black outlines of on call, as I'm not happy with the way that they made aliasing more apparent. On top of that, my new workflow minimizes draw calls drastically, while still allowing me to bake lighting into every object in the scene.

Here's some shots (Please remember that On Call also started off looking really bad while it was in conception, all good things come in time... and lots of hard work)

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