Monday, 7 July 2014

On Call Progress Report

Spent most of the day optimizing and re-coding most the scripts in order to reduce any lag and reduce the impact on any frame rate drops on controls, as a good example, no one likes it when a games frame-rate drops down and the game goes into an unintended slo-motion, so Ive optimized a lot of that stuff.

A positive outcome for this is that now the game runs well over 60fps in some areas and the minimum frame-rate no longer causes the controls to feel noticeably more weighted.

I've also added 2 buttons in the options menu, one for Performance and one for Quality.

  • Performance sacrifices V-sync and anti aliasing for much higher fps.
  • Quality locks and V-syncs frame-rate to 30fps, but has 4xMSAA.
Purely because I believe that the player should have the choice to lock the frame-rate to 30fps when confronted with 120-45fps, as some gamers do not like fluctuations in frame-rate (despite how much work I put into making it feel as good as possible at any frame-rate above 30fps) The positive is that when locked down I can afford expensive AA solutions.

(Keep in mind that this is captured off my Dev PC and not the Vita)

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