Friday, 11 July 2014

ON CALL Progress Report

So work has slowed down to far less stressful pace while we do paperwork and stuff, which allows us to polish and tweak and test.

We had some friends play test today and got reactions and such from them as to what we sould change and make better.

In response to that I've re-written the Creep AI to be twice as complex as it was, which isn't saying much as it is just simple Creep AI... But still, They will walk around their designated "Hunting ground" minding thier own business and wont pay attention to the player (As they are blind) BUT the moment they feel the warmth of a flashlight they start moving towards the heat and when they hear a gunshot they get angry and charge at twice the speed. Its simple, but it works well for a cheap and simple horde type creep.

Ive tweaked the ending to be better and Im considering cutting the wait time down as I think they player might want to quit out as soon as possible after they are finished... Which is a pity as Id love for them to listen to the beautiful music we've made... But alas, its the players choice haha.

To our surprise, the Half Life style of minimal explanation of objectives has gone down horribly with EVERY SINGLE play test... So, while we will add a small amount of dialogue from the AI to explain the objective and we will add in some HUD for the objectives...

I tweaked the upgrade system to be more fun, helpful and balanced.

And Ive fixed several bugs (mostly with the AI) as well as further optimized performance, stability, graphics and fixed crashes.

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