Sunday, 27 July 2014

Platformer Progress Report


Just taught Id show off what I've done today.

Other than the obvious work on the graphics assets and art, Ives also re-coded the default 3rd person controller to have Walk on the D-Pad, Walk and Run on the Left Stick, and a full orbital camera on the Right Stick. I also coded a script using some stuff I found online in order to bake light maps anywhere from 512 - 4096... This is great news! I will only bake at Maximum resolution before I ship, for now Ill just bake at 1024, as baking higher takes along time and that's not good for rapid deployment and testing.

I've also managed to stay well under 100 drawcalls, the technique I learned from On Call is already paying off. The game runs at a flawless 60fps no matter what I throw at it.

Ive had to revert back to using the black borders... But that's fine as I'm now using textures and the borders work amazingly well with the style of 'sketched' texture work I've dedicated myself to.

I'd love On Call to sell well enough to give this game good funding as then I'd be able to spend more time on it.

Other than that. Development is moving fast, here's some shots that show the vast improvement from yesterday:

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