Friday, 18 July 2014

On Call Progress Report

We are currently testing to see if we've fixed the last of the bugs!!!

This is great news for us, as its good to see our hard work come together.


  • Made space camera able to lock behind player or orbit player as it was requested by testers
  • Tweaked Creep animations
  • Changed 6 levels to be more interesting / challenging
  • Replaced dialog with new better dialog
  • Added "loading" text when loading
  • Added more conventional controls, at the request of testers
  • Fixed Audio bugs
  • Fixed general crashes and bugs
  • I'm happy with the performance of the game everywhere EXCEPT ONE CORRIDOR! Its super frustrating, as the entire game runs 45-60fps, yet there is this one corridor that runs at 30fps... i know its not the end of the world, but I feel I am not happy with not delivering far over 30fps... I can understand 30fps when say, there's a flashlight, props, creeps and 4xMSAA, not when its an empty corridor with no lights or AA... I will do my best to optimize this!
  • Upload Game-play video of On Call being played on the PlayStation Vita
  • Upload to PSM Store
  • Decide on Price
  • Decide on Screenshots / Final Icon
These things will be done by the end of tomorrow. I was hoping to be done by tonight, but alas, there is that 1 corridor that is giving me grief, so it will have to wait. After all, its better to delay a game as a delayed game can always be better, but a rushed game can never be better... But we've run out of time and budget, so this is the last little push we can give :P

Here's some screens captured directly from my PlayStation Vita, as well as our Icon:

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