Saturday, 16 February 2013

Friday I did some simple designs, consepts and general planning for my map, Saturday i spent the day making the models for the walls, floors and everything else. So after a day of working in 3ds max, it gives me a BSoD and wont open any of the work save in the file of that I was working in... So I re-install max and try again, ut alas, I;ve lost all of the days work, so I start again. Today I have taken ill, so work flow is painfully slow, but atleast I'm working.

I made 2 different walls and 2 different floors, I desided to add details and all the other objects when I need them. I imported them into unity and figured out how to use them, apply a simple texture made in 5 seconds in photoshop and normal maps that are just a black and white version of the texture. I allso addded a simple light to the sceen and I'm now just placing the different wals and floors into the level acording to my map consept.

This is what I have as of this moment:

I had hoped to get more work done by the end of the weekend, but what can I say, sometimes shit just happens.

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