Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ok, we did the basics of Unity prefabs today, I think I'm confident enough with Unity to try to make a full blown map in it over the weekend with textures and hopefully even some weapons and bots, who knows, I guess it will all depend on Unity not crashing and if I can figure enough of it out for my self. Should'nt be too hard and I recon it miht be similar to Unreal or Cryengine in sime ways wich would help as I know enough about those engines to make a map. Should be able to figure something out. (Read Optomism and Tutorials)

So far I've been trying verry hard not to get infront of what I'm being taught as to not skrew anything up and to just soak in some knowlage. But I guess I'm just not patient enough to only work durin classes.

Anyways, heres the rough of the map I will be trying to make this weekend:

I've been told repeatedly that it makes no sence, so I'll just say that the RED is the bottom floor, the BLUE is the top floor and the PURPLE is where the top floor lies above the bottom floor. So, there is both RED and BLUE area that makes PURPLE. It made sence to me at the time and still does and I guess that thats what matters at this stage. Hope others can kinda understand though.

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