Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Today was weapons again. I feel as if I;ve been talking about the Scythe too much... Well guess what, I've decided im going with it. I like the curve of the blade and pole as well as its leangth for sweeoing. Some times you just have to take it and run.

Was going to do some more work on that today when I got home and upload it, but realised that I dont have a tablet at home... Guess I was out of it alittle today... Oh well, theres allways tomorrow.

I've also been playing with some steampunky stuff. Like using pipes, gears and clockwork parts as decoration. So far the gears and clockwork is working out realy well, while pipes just look cheap.

Also did maps again today. But it was more learning Unity and Maya so nothing I can realy post about consept or implemented designs.

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