Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Ok, so between being sick and being tld that I blog alittle too much, my posts have been alittle thin for the last week. but im back and working at my regular pace again so I thaught I would uplead one of my gun designs.

I realy like the idea of it. It is the body of an mp5 with the butt, hammer and grip of a sawn off and even a little holographic sight on the top there. I figure it would be realy cool if the gun could shoot normally like an smg, but could perhaps have a close range shotgun blast for close range encounters.

Ive decided on an art style for my fps and tower defence games. Up till this point ive been brainstorming, but honestly, none of the ideas felt right up till now.

So for the FPS I would like to do a futuristic space shooter with lots of hard metal objects, straight lines and blue/orange lights and lense flares from those lights. Somehing akin to if the millenium falcon was recreated in killzone 3...

And for the tower defence... I would like to do some gangsters defending thier smack from the cops... Just because its funny and well, the whole 70's theme is rather in at the moment. I could really have fun with it as a cartoony art style though and thats the important thing.

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