Monday, 23 June 2014

Pebbles the Penguin RELEASED

Its finaly out there!

After many long days of trying to figure out what to do to publish an app on google play, I think Ive done it... Now, Im not sure Ive done it right, as I know just about nothing about this stuff... But thats why I decided to make the game.

Ive put the price as low as Im aloud to (Idk why $1 is the lowest) But I needed to learn how to do this stuff and therefor hope that Its done right so I can start making some cash and making many more projects in the future.

Just a reminder again. I have no idea what Im doing, I think that Ive done this right, only time will tell, but if anything is wrong I WILL fix it.

I know its small and I know it only took a week to make, but none the less I hope you enjoy.

Edit, having some difficulties on my end, nothing to worry about on your end tho.

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