Wednesday, 22 October 2014


On of the things I really want to learn how to do is multiplayer. Recently I've found a good way to do it and Ive been testing it out on a few of my pc's.

Today however, I tested it out on my vita and it worked beautifully. Of course that was my Vita against 3 PC's and 1 laptop... But still, initial testing is proving good!

The problem with this is that Sony want me to test the game on the maximum amount of Vita's... So if I want to add multiplayer to On Call on the Vita I'd have to buy a minimum of 7 Vita's (4v4)

I'm looking into how to get around this, either through testing with people I know that have Vita's or even if I will be aloud to do a free multiplayer test from the PSM store...

I will keep you posted on progress with this as well as On Calls progress and several other small projects.

I have a week before I have to study for my next exam, so I plan on spending it making games / adding to On Call. After that I will be on a hiatus for a few weeks for exams and then I have 3 months of holidays that I can dev in!