Saturday, 11 October 2014

On Call - New Level Report

So I've finally got something that I'm happy enough to show off. Its not much, but it should give a fairly good impression of the scope and style that I'm trying to get too with this map in particular.

So far I've only done some rough asset planting where the player spawns in, so its rough and unpolished, but its a fair representation of the work in progress.

This level will be one of the 3 largest levels in On Call once its done. The other 2 may end up larger, as this one is truly limited by the amount of trees and grass that I have envisioned for it once its completed.

I'm working on an extremely tight polygon budget that I had to painstakingly calculated before starting with asset creation. I hope that this yields far more assets on screen in comparison to the rest of On Call.

The main point of On Call is for me to learn how to function as a developer and I feel like I am learning important things, like the aforementioned polygon budget.

I'll keep you posted with progress and shots as they are up to snuff.

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