Friday, 17 October 2014

On Call Progress Report

Work is slowing down for me now that exams are weeks away and the free time I use to make On Call has started to become study time. It sucks, I know, but I do need to study.

On the up side, I came across a great concept in a lecture on the future implication of technology. ITs quite cool and dark and I look forward to drawing from these real world concepts for the lore of On Call's future. At this point in time On Call doesn't really have many SciFi concepts or designs. You are a dude in a ship with an AI. I want to make that far deeper. What is it like to live in a galaxy with advanced AI? Whats it like for everyone to be interconnected? These are great concepts for SciFi.

On another note. I've made great progress with the new levels for On Call. I'm fleshing out several other level types as well as testing shaders and techniques to figure out how I'm going to portray them. I've also made great progress with the forest level and I want to show that off here:

I will keep you guys posted on any progress I make with On Call. Its currently my main game dev focus, but I need to study for the next few weeks, so progress will slow a little.

Hope you guys are having a great time. I look forward to sharing more with you as soon as I can.

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  1. I really love the idea of the game exploring deeper themes, something a lot of games tend not to do. Hope you can manage to pull it off well!