Friday, 24 October 2014

General Stuff


So I've coded up a vast majority of systems for a multiplayer game. I should be able to implement it into On Call, but for now I will be working on it separately as I want to make sure its amazing by it self before slapping it into anything.

After seeing some great volunteers on this blog and also within my friend circle I've decided that when the time has come I'll post a demo here for everyone to share and play with their mates. It should be great fun.

I've got most the networking stuff sorted, but I still need to do gui, hud, weapons and animations... As well as think of how I'm going to code different game types... As right now its just free for all with no score, no character models, 1 gun and no animations... So that will need to change...

But once I have a playable demo working I will be sure to upload it. My outlook on this is that the only way we will build a strong multiplayer community is if we make sure its fun, which means a lot of testing with a lot of people. So thats cool.

This also opens up avenues to co-op play. I would love to do a more co-op / multiplayer orientated shooter some time. Perhaps something akin to destiny or borderlands?

On Call

I'm nearly done with the first new weapon for the game. Its a SMG/Auto-rifle hybrid that I quite like. Its harder to implement than I anticipated as I need to re-write some code, but its coming along nicely.

I'm also testing the forest level on the Vita, its surprisingly good. I have one or two issues that I'm working out though.

The other levels are coming along... I will push hard to get something to show from the space station and perhaps the city. I will need a lot of new music and art for these, and while I do most of it my self, I am planning on implementing some of the cool stuff that people have been passing onto me. Its great to get to help everyone out here.

The other development on the game is the AI. The code is doing fine, but I'm struggling to find the time to model and animate the enemy characters... The last time I did a full body character it took me 3 weeks to do the model, so finding time has been tough... Luckily though, its holidays in a few weeks after exams and I will finally have the time.

Other Projects

I would like to get some smaller projects out there during the holidays. I've been fleshing out the concept I showed a while ago and will post a demo for it when its functioning and then there are several other concepts that I will show you as they come out.

There are several reasons that I'm doing multiple projects. Firstly is that I'm building my portfolio, secondly is that I'm trying to teach myself everything I can by making games. It is true that I am at university doing a double mjr in Games technology and Computer science, but its practice that builds the skills I need.

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