Thursday, 4 June 2015

First Demo

Our first demo is done!

If you decide to download this demo, please note that its not finished. This is an old build that has already been made better. The purpose of this build is to get some feedback from the people who play it so that we can make the game better. Many games go through 3 test phases before their design is set in stone. The first phase is internal testing. The second is this test that I'm presenting now. As a developer, we do this test because we have no idea what others think. We are so close and absorbed in the idea that we literally don't know if we have made a bad game.

So we would love for you to give it a feel and let us know what you think! Any constructive feedback is welcome!

Hope you enjoy! Once again, I cant state this enough, this is an old build of a game that 2 people have worked hard on for a few months. Its not final in any way, but rather an early demo to try to show everyone what we're trying to make.

Dropbox link:

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