Saturday, 6 June 2015


I'm busy fixing and changing many things thanks to some feedback, I hope to have a new build uploaded soon.

  • Controls - MANY changes and tweaks, especially on keyboard (mostly changes to stupid mistakes that come with adding keyboard controls last minute, like having Accept in menus on Shift... Could have sworn I put it on Enter...)
  • Gui/Hud - Adding elements such as prompts so the player knows when something can be interacted with
  • Mac build - I don't have a Mac, so I cannot test the build, but I will build it and rely on feedback
  • Visuals - Color and effects tweaks
  • Sounds - New sounds, tweaked some old sounds
  • Polish / prop density - More areas are polished, expect to see more grass and such in areas that were empty
  • AI - Small tweaks to the AI to balance gameplay a little more
  • Gameplay - Small tweaks to gameplay for balance
That's all for now. We're working hard to bring the game up to an amazing standard. I'll post a link here to a new build in a few days, until then we will gather more feedback and make more changes.

Hope everyone is enjoying what we've put out so far. We hope do have new build out soon before a full demo.

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