Monday, 15 June 2015

Progress Report

We're getting close to our next demo release!

We've started contacting various groups and talking with them about getting some more exposure, as we are tiny, we need all the help we can get.

Things are going well with the demo. I've found a few massive bugs that resulted in the player spending far too much at the shop. Some upgrades were charging glitched amounts of gems, and I've fixed that now.

I've also added a button to delete the save game, so that players can start the demo again from scratch if they so chose.

There's also a dedicated button now to swap button prompts from Keyboard to 360pad.

We're currently working hard to create a short intro story cinematic so that players can get an idea of what the story is, as so far we've been more focused on gameplay and level design, its important now to get the story up and running.

Other than that, we're busy on smaller things, like making textures line up on the map and such.

We hope to have the next demo out soon, this time we are looking into building for Mac and Linux as well as an online web player demo, so more players can try it out.

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