Monday, 15 June 2015


It's been quite the journey to do what we do.

This blog started off as a requirement for my Game Dev TAFE course where I needed to post some stuff weekly to earn a grade. Looking back at those early days, its easy to see just how much I've learned. I look forward to looking back 5 years from now and thinking how much I've learned from now.

My first independent game was made over a weekend, just to see if I had my head around putting up and charging money for a game with save files and menus and all the intricacies of publishing a game. Its only sale (that I know of) was to me so I could test if it all worked. It was a proud moment.

The second game was obviously On Call. We worked hard and tried to understand how developing for a closed platform could help with optimization. It was my first time coding AI and Missions/Objectives. On Call was made in only 3 weeks, and while I know its not amazing I'm still proud of all we achieved and learned while working on that. I just wish we had more than 3 weeks...

Now we're working on Ballad of Crater. This time, learning from On Call and our wish for more development time, we've spend around 6 months on this one so far and I cannot believe that we've come so far. At the same time I'm humbled by the support of the people who play our games and give feedback and get involved. Hopefully w can all work together to make this game something special ;)

Thank you all so much for everything
We'll keep working hard on Ballad of Crater to make it the best game we can!
Hope to have a new demo out soon for everyone to try and enjoy!

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