Tuesday, 23 September 2014

On Call Patch 1.02 OUT NOW!

Good news!

I've JUST received confirmation that the patch is live on the PSM Store for On Call.

To download the patch, simply log into the PSN Store, navigate to the PSM section, select On Call and hit the download button. This should re-download whatever assets have changed since the last build and update the application.

Patch Notes:

  • Massive performance optimization for more constant 60fps (especially with the flashlight)
  • Removed graphics options due to player confusion and the chance to optimize better
  • Reduced some Lag spikes
  • Tweaked lighting due to player feedback that the game was too dark
  • Fixed numerous AI bugs
  • Fixed numerous other bugs
  • Added and optimized textures
  • Added options to invert the controls
  • Added look down sights
  • Added dynamic FoV on the player and the ship to correspond with looking down sights or speed
  • Tripped asteroid count in space
  • Updated Control images in the menu for the new functions
  • Faster character movement due to player feedback that it was too slow
  • Faster ship turning as I felt it was too heavy
  • Tighter ship and character controls due to feedback of "floaty controls"
  • Took out annoying turrets in space
  • Ship now takes a small amount damage on collisions with objects
  • Added version number
  • Improved texture filtering on baked shadows
  • Optimized shadow resolution
  • Compressed textures (not too noticeably) to speed up load times and prevent crashes when too many textures attempt to load up.

I hope you enjoy these changes, as most of them are gameplay and visuals related. Hopefully the experience will be much improved.

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