Monday, 22 September 2014


So here's some news on what I've been working on.

I'm not ready to show off the hand full of levels I've been working on for On Call. Most of them are still in the grey, unfinished model stages of concept. But I can tell you what they are.

The first 2 new levels take place in the Prologue of the story. They tell of how and why the Officer needs to retake his call. They are set on a Planet with large cities and I also hope to use this to flesh out some lore.

The second new level is an introduction to the side story. It takes place in a bar on a nearby planet, I've done the most of this level, and I've posted screens for it before.

The third new level is a space station that is a side mission.

The fourth new level is a forest / mountain planet where the side story wraps up. I've done a lot of concept and design for this planet and I've even gotten quite far into crafting props and level assets for it.

Lastly, the last new level is where we have the epilogue. I've done the least for this planet so far, and its almost completely in concept.

On top of that, I will also be redesigning the levels on the Cruiser and the Space station to fit better into the larger story, as well as being able to hold the new AI and just to be more fun in general.

I've also started adding in mini games for the Officer to play on a TV inside the station. The first game is a side scrolling shooter and I'm just working out the kinks to make it enjoyable.

I have been thinking of ways to replace the automatic rewards with skill trees that the player can chose upgrades, this will probably be something I add in later, as it requires XP from the new AI.

I'll also be adding in several new weapons with the new AI, cos none of us wants to have only a pistol.

Other than content, we have this:

  • I've been working madly on a new AI system for On Call, it just has 1 or 2 more things that I need to add to it, then it will be complete. After its complete I just have to model and animate several different classes of enemy, and then they should be good to go.

Picture of the AI finding a path to the corner:

  • I've also added in a boost function to my space ship code, as I believe that if we are going to be traveling more, racing, or evading pilots, we should have a little something to help us out.

Picture of the new Boost I've put into On Call:

  • This is the basic principal of the new fun concept I've been playing with. Imagine you are the ball in a pinball machine? If I were to bluntly describe it, it could be similar to a first-person game of Wipeout. Its an interesting idea (or at least I think it is) and I'm having a lot of fun fooling around coding up different pads for the player to use, like boost pads, jump pads, short range teleports. Its also interesting to use my existing Car and Space Ship code with this idea, as it has a lot of different applications.

Picture of the pads for the new fun concept:

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