Monday, 1 September 2014

On Call Patch 1.02

I had the patch ready for upload tonight, but I was testing it and found a crash. It seems that PSM on the vita has too high a memory restriction (as it has access to the full vita, but has to run through essentially an emulator, thus loosing some resources resulting in less CPU and RAM being available)

Ill have to tweak the new textures to see just how far I can push them.

The bad thing about the Vita is that when it hits its memory limit, it doesn't slow down, It simply crashes and reports an error... What this means is that its extremely hard to squeeze every drop of performance out of the vita to get say, a beautiful game running at 30fps, and at the same time, as soon as you have more than 20k polys on screen there is a chance you will lose frames, though I push 100k at 60fps... So 60fps is also hard to hit...

Over all its an awkward device, but progress is coming along extremely well with performance closer to 60fps than ever with better visuals than ever.

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