Saturday, 6 September 2014

On Call Patch 1.02 - New Content

I'm busy with the last thing that I want to add for this patch. Its a new Arcade challenge. Its a 2.5d wave based shooter where you shoot enemies to score points, dodge asteroids and fight bosses.

Its not much, as a matter of fact I plan to include it on an in game video games console for the player to play this game within On Call, but its still the first batch of fresh content for On Call and I hope its done by the end of tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will upload the patch to Sony, they will test it and if it passes (I can't see a reason why it won't pass their testing, but they did initially reject us using triangle, circle, x and square, so you never know with Sony's testing) it will take Sony up to a further 2 weeks to upload the patch after that point. Once its online, you just simply log into the PSM store and re-download On Call to install the patch.

Here's what the new level looks like at the moment (Note that its not near finished, but as I have the assets already, it should only take a day or 2 to get the code done for it):

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