Thursday, 4 September 2014

On Call Patch 1.02 - Progress report

I'm nearly done with the patch!

I've split my targets into acceptable and achievable goals over a reasonable time frame. On top of that, I've fixed all but 1 of the crashes that have sprung up with the addition of textures. My massive University Java coding assignment is due today, which means that I'll finally have some time where I can smash out some awesome dev time this weekend and finish off the patch and add in as much of the other features as I possibly can before uploading it to Sony and starting on Patch 1.03

Thought I'd post some pictures of the progress that this patch has made. The screens obviously speak for graphical changes and not for the numerous game play changes and obviously, these are progress shots, so its important to keep in mind that I hope to fix and add even more into the patch before my deadline.


  1. Hey, can you also add in options to change controls and invert the X and Y axis? Thanks. Just replayed the game, looking forward to the patch.

    1. Sure thing, I'll do that right now. Ill even have seperate X and Y configs for the ship and the guy.