Wednesday, 3 September 2014

On Call Patch 1.02 - Progress report

I've gone through the levels that run out of memory one by one and reduced their memory footprint. Its frustrating, as even though Unity Insists that PSM offers "near native" performance and hardware access, I only have access to less than 100mb of memory... That's not "near native" performance and hardware access, which leads me believe that PSM's run time is more like an emulator, with many background possesses such as DRM slowing things down, but what do I know, I'm just some woefully inexperienced part time indy dev / University student.

In any case, I've made great progress and I'm flattening out one or 2 more bugs and crashes till I upload Patch 1.02 to Sony, which they will review in a day or 2 after I upload and then they'll give it to you guys in a further 2 weeks after the point of review. I'm getting used to this workflow.

Things In the current Patch:

  • Hold L1 to look down sights
  • FoV adjusts when looking down sights
  • New control images for the new functions
  • Dynamic FoV in the Ship
  • Faster Character movement
  • Faster Ship movement
  • Faster Aiming in the Ship
  • Other general control tweaks to improve responsiveness and tighten controls
  • Performance Optimizations for 60fps
  • Some stutter resolved (constantly trying to get rid of it completely)
  • Performance with the flashlight active is improved from 30fps to 45fps
  • Taken out annoying space turrets (Will add new story content to replace them)
  • Tripled Asteroid count (Looking into a low performance cost fog / clouds in the belt)
  • Ship takes damage on collision with objects
  • Added version number in main menu
  • Improved texture filtering on baked shadows
  • Optimized shadow resolution
  • Compressed textures to lighten memory load (For faster load times and less crashes due to filling the memory)
  • Fixed random technical bugs / glitches
  • Tweaked AI
  • Fixed random AI bugs / glitches

I'm still busy adding / changing more things for this coming patch, but as I don't want to make you guys wait too long, I might have to upload this version, and then start the next patch with some of the other stuff I'm still working on. Hope you will enjoy the progress we've made, and please keep in mind that we are still working hard adding new features, content and fixes.

I'll finish this patch up and upload it ASAP, then I'll start the next patch.

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