Friday, 5 September 2014

On Call Patch 1.02 - Inverting Controlls

This morning I've been working on the last things that will be implemented for patch 1.02, as I've said before, there's so much I want to do, I have to spit it into several patches.

As for what I've just added this morning. Its a feature that many people have asked me to put into the game, and so I hope you like it. Its the ability to invert the player camera, ship camera and ship controls. I've done it in a way to allow for each person to set any of those values to one they prefer, thus hopefully everyone will get more enjoyment from the game!

As I've said before, many people have asked me for this, and I've wanted to add this feature for quite some time. But I'd like to thank Forsaken Crown for bringing it up in the comments here, as if it wasn't for that, this feature would likely have only made it into a later update. Another requested feature is the ability to lock the camera behind the ship. This has been in the game since launch, by pressing O while in the ship, you are able to lock the camera. I want to improve on how I've done it here, as evidently its not good enough. I can see several reasons as too why that is and I'm currently investigating better ways to do this.

To access these options simply follow the menu: Pause > Controls > On Fool / In Ship
Here's what it looks like in the options menu:

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